Skiing is like DYNAMITE and so was our season 2011/12!

directed and edited by Marinus Höflinger
produced by Marinus & Bene Höflinger

filmed by all the riders
timelapse by Flo Breitenberger & Marinus Höflinger

DYNAMITE a movie simply from riders for riders - showing you what we love to do!
Getting creative on urbanstuff, sniffling powder in the Alps and British Columbia or simply catch some air on big booters. No professional cinematographers nor editors, just a bunch of friends, that's the way we get things done.

Felix.Althammer Ambros.Fürstaller Basti.Färber Daniel.Gassner Flo.Geyer Flo.Göller Severin.Guggemoos Dominik.Hartmann Benedikt.Höflinger Marinus.Höflinger Christian.Jenny Jürgen.Nigg Markus.Obwaller Tom.Ritsch Pius.Schneider Thomas.Trifonitchev And.Friends


the mountains shall bring peace to the people